Learn SAP MM Course with Realtime Scenarios & Projects

Modules we offer under the Material Management Course in Pune:-

SAP Overview

  • Introduction to SAP 
  • Getting started to SAP

Overview of Material Management & Enterprises

  • Structure 
  • SAP configuration 
  • Data organization & types
  • Enterprises structure in MM 
  • Defining organizational units
  • Assignments of organizational units

Master Data in Material Management

  • Creation & maintenance of material master
  • Creation & maintenance of vendor master
  • Creation of material information 

Procurement Process

  • Detail understanding of procurement cycle

Purchase Order

  • Purchase requisition  
  • Request for quotation 
  • Quotation maintenance 
  • Price comparison

Goods Receipt

  • Basis of material movement type
  • Good receipt
  • Transfer posting 
  • Material documents
  • Account documents

Invoice Verification

  • Concept of invoice verification in SAP 
  • Three way invoice verification in SAP 
  • Invoice verification 
  • Debit and credit memos 

Stock Transfer

  • Concept of stock transfer
  • One step stock transfer 
  • Two step stock transfer

Subcontracting Process

  • Details of subcontracting process
  • Raising subcontracting purchase order
  • Good issues to vendor
  • Goods receipt against purchasing order
  • Consumption of purchase order 


  • Quantity contracts
  • Value contracts

Scheduling Contracts

  • Scheduling contracts
  • Delivering scheduling contracts

Physical Inventory Process

  • Concepts of physical inventory
  • SAP process of physical inventory
  • Difference in inventory process
  • Posting difference

Prices Determination Process in SAP 

  • Condition techniques
  • Pricing process in SAP 
  • Schema determination 
  • Access sequence
  • Integration of Tax  and Price process

Split Valuation

  • Valuation type
  • Valuation category type 
  • Configuration related to split valuation 
  • Process understanding

Release Procedure For Purchasing Order

  • Concept of release process 
  • Release group
  • Release characteristics 
  • Configuration of release process

Automatic Account Determination

  • Parameter controlling account determination 
  • Valuation grouping code
  • Material type and movement type controls 

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