SAP HANA training course content and Syllabus in Pune

SAP HANA Introduction and Architecture

SAP HANA Overview SAP In-Memory Computing Overview SAP HANA Features Look and feel of SAP HANA SAP HANA Architecture SAP HANA Landscape Structure of SAP in-memory Computing studio Row store and column store Architecture Multi Version Currency Control ( MVCC ) Persistence Layer in In-memory Computing Engine Back up &Recovery High-Availability Distributed System Data Provisioning options in SAP HANA Reporting options on SAP HANA Security options in HANA SAP HANA Appliance Model How SAP HANA Appliance is delivered Sizing Considerations SAP HANA – Licensing Options SAP HANA Project Implementation Overview: Key Activities Key Roles Key Points to keep in mind Administration

Basic Modeling

Modeling Overview Terminology SAP HANA Studio Features Information Modeler Overview Installation and Configuration of HANA Studio Prerequisites for Modeling Modeling Considerations Levels of Modeling Attribute Views Analytic Views Joins: Different types and when to use what. Where Class Vs Constraint Filters HANA Studio Preview(use with Caution) Impact of Query Execution Demo Modeling Suggestions Troubleshooting Modeling Issues Export and Import Models

Reporting on HANA with BI 4.0

HANA Reporting Layer & Connectivity Options Reporting on HANA Clients Reporting on HANA Open Interfaces Prerequisites for reporting on SAP HANA IMDB client installation Setting up new connection SAP Business Objects BI4.0:Overview & tool comparison Analytical Reporting on HANA Relational Reporting on HANA Reporting on HANA Demo Included Native Excel Interface via ODBO SAP Business Object Analysis SAP Business Object Explorer Semantic Layer Approach IDT Vs Universe Designer SAP BOBJ Web I SAP BOBJ Xcelsius SAP Crystal Reports Enterprise Vs 2011 Front end tool reporting considerations on top of HANA

Advanced Data Modeling with SQL Script

Modeling Overview Calculation View :Overview & Types SQL Script :Motivation SQL Script: Overview SQL Script Processing Data Type Extensions Scalar Data type Table type Functional Extension Concept Procedure Procedure Calls Implementing Functional logic Operators SQL Script/Built in Function Debugging and troubleshooting SQL Script Restrictions for SQL Statement

Data Provisioning: Data Services

Data Provisioning :Overview Data Provision Options Trigger Based Replication ETL-Based Replication Log-Based Replication SAP Business Objects Data Services 4.0 and HANA ODP enabled Extractor Support in Data Services 4.0 HANA and Data Service Process flow for SAP and non-SAP data How it works for SAP System How it works for Non-SAP System Advanced Data Service options Column tables creation Bulk loader options & config
Bulk extracting options & config Log based replication overview Technical system landscape User administration Authorization Installing log based replication Updating the SAP host agent on source system Installing Sybase components Deploying the SAP HANA load controller and related components Configuring log based replication Configure SAP HANA load controller on SAP HANA system Initializing replication using SAP HANA system Initializing replication using SAP HANA load controller


  • Data provisioning overview
  • SAP landscape transformation set-up
  • Options for SLT landscape installation
  • Post installation stem
  • Concept of SLT replication
  • Architecture and key building block
  • Technical requirement and system set-up information for LT replication server
  • Key benefits of LT replicating server
  • Transformational capabilities
  • Operations
  • Security and user management in HANA
  • Creation of users
  • Creation of roles
  • Assignment privileges to roles
  • Assignment of users to roles